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Data governance begins with a strategy to align data management with business need. Start with a Right Methodology Innovation engagement that encompasses the people, processes, and information technology required to drive confidence in your organization’s data.
The most common data governance execution service we provide is the selection and implementation of a Data Governance Platform, or suite of tools that will support your data governance roadmap.
Enterprise Data Catalog

Enterprise Data Catalog

An Enterprise Data Catalog is the heart of any cloud based data ecosystem. Nearly 100% of our Data Governance or Cloud Data Management Innovation Services recommends the implementation of an Enterprise Data Catalog as the meta-data epicenter of the data architecture. The Catalog becomes the place where the physical reality of your data is documented (where does it exist, what does it mean, what rules are associated with it). This intersects with your data governance tools, data engineering tools, and MDM tools, to become a machine learning, intelligent expert of your organization’s data.

An Execution Service for an Enterprise Data Catalog will help you select and implement an Enterprise Data Catalog platform, configure its ability to “see” your data and begin to scan and learn the data and rules in your ecosystem.

Data Quality Management

Another typical outcome of a Data Governance Innovation Service is the need to establish Data Quality Management. Our Execution Service for Data Quality begins with a selection and implementation of a data quality toolset. Like our other execution services, data quality begins with defining user stories around existing data quality challenges. From these stories, we build out data quality rules that measure the quality of data in a data set. Understanding where data quality problems exist is the first step to taking action. In our approach, we want to fix data at the point of entry. That allows us to deploy rules to that point of entry and fix / reject the data before it can transmit through the ecosystem. Continual, recurring monitoring of the data quality is a behavior that should become integral to a data governance program.

Data Quality Management

Client Testimonial

“We tasked Right Triangle to help implement our new data quality tool, requiring complex development and rapid comprehension of institutional knowledge. They hit all milestones and could not have been easier to work with. Their work has led to immediate and transformational improvements in data quality – and happier employees who don’t have to deal with the mess!”

Director of Financial Systems, Healthcare Payor, Kansas City area

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is often a driver or natural byproduct of Data Governance. The Right Methodology can include MDM as part of a Data Governance Innovation Service or it can stand alone in an MDM Innovation Service. These engagements require a high level of organizational participation in order to facilitate the flow of knowledge – in both directions – for Data Governance and MDM. To master data effectively, we need to understand where data is, what it means, and have confidence in its quality.

Today, we look at MDM more dynamically. Our Innovation Service for MDM will help you define your architecture, roadmap, and implementation plan for MDM to address and balance the need to master the data you have stored in your systems but also deliver application integration capabilities that masters the data as it is entered in apps enabling an almost immediate creation and validation of master data.

MDM Platform

Right Triangle’s Execution Service for MDM helps you select and implement an MDM platform aligned with your organization’s MDM needs. Our agile Execution services will support the 2 most typical work streams from MDM: master existing data; and integrate with frontline applications for MDM on-demand. The underpinnings for these work streams stem from our Data Engineering services. For mastering existing data, we define user stories for data integration, statistically matching and merging data into a golden record. For mastering data at point of entry, we define user stories for statistically matching and merging data on-demand.

Master Data Management Platform

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