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All of our solutions leverage our Right Methodology approach for strategic modernization of data management.

We start with an Innovation phase to clearly establish the right mix of technology and thought for your organization.

Out of Innovation, we work with you in the Execution phase to develop actionable, measurable, user stories to continually integrate and deploy.

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Get the Right Start

Get the Right Start
Right Now

We’re excited to show you how quickly you can begin getting results from your data in the cloud.

Sign up for our free online demos to see how we approach:

  • Using automation to build a cloud data vault
  • Using automation to catalog and curate data
  • Using automation to deliver data engineering solutions
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Right Start

Results, right away.

Our Right Start Solutions leverage the quick-start proof of concept (POC) features of our Right Methodology, combined with POC access to our partners software to help you see results in the cloud right away.

We offer Right Start Solutions for:

  • Snowflake Optimization to reduce latency and costs in two weeks
  • Cloud Analytics and Data Engineering engagements that deliver results in four weeks
  • Cloud data Warehousing, a 6-week program to define, design, and deliver digital transformation.

Contact us today for your free demonstration and learn how quickly you can see success in the cloud.

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Innovation Process

Innovation Services

It all begins with innovation: you have no idea where to begin or you inherited a data management mess that is costly to operate and falls short of meeting your organization’s strategic objectives.

That is the purpose of our Innovation services: understand where you are and where you need to go to deliver the 3Rs — the Right Information to the Right Consumer at the Right Time.

This flexible and powerful service allows us to independently, dispassionately assess your data architecture needs and customize programs that align with business imperatives to gain control and modernize your data architecture.

Innovation can be applied to an entire data architecture or a subset such as Data Governance, Data Engineering, Data Lake, or Analytics. The key deliverables of an Innovation phase are:

  • Target State Architecture
  • Roadmap Implementation Plan
  • Organizational Recommendations

Execution Services

From the Right Methodology, we offer Execution services that help you install or provision, configure, and take advantage of data management and development platforms.

Our collaborative agile implementations also allow us to execute a project to engineer solutions independently or collaboratively with your staff members. Knowledge transfer goes both ways with your staff helping us navigate existing procedures while we provide knowledge on CI/CD development to quickly deliver data and application solutions.

Execution Process

Our Execution Services fall into 3 categories:

Cloud Data Management

Securely take advantage of the performance and flexibility the cloud offers and eliminate the cost of on-premise data centers.

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Data Governance

Leverage automation to enable an organizational data aptitude by engaging all stakeholders in understanding, mastering, and elevating confidence in your data.

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Data Engineering

Establish a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service and deliver data integration, application integration, and virtualization across all classes of data.

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Client Testimonial

“We tasked Right Triangle to help implement our new data quality tool, requiring complex development and rapid comprehension of institutional knowledge. They hit all milestones and could not have been easier to work with. Their work has led to immediate and transformational improvements in data quality – and happier employees who don’t have to deal with the mess!”

Director of Financial Systems, Healthcare Payor, Kansas City area