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About Us

We’re  All About Data

Right Triangle was founded in 2007 with the principle of delivering the Right Information to the Right Consumer at the Right Time.

When we began, we used the best of breed tools and practices to deliver a blending of data governance, architecture, integration, and SOA.

Today, we do the same thing, only much faster. We use best of breed tools and practices to deliver automation and agility to the blending of data governance, architecture, and integration in the cloud.

Our Values

Icon: Passion for Data

Passion for data

Icon: Excellence

Aim for excellence

Icon: Efficient and Effective

Be efficient and effective

Icon: Stay Curious

Stay curious

Proven Leadership

Andy Flower

Managing Director

Andy Flower has more than 2 decades of experience in planning and executing information architecture solutions with a special emphasis on effective and efficient cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud solutions.

His work in Data Engineering and Integration, Analytics, and Data Governance have helped clients in numerous industries better manage their data and turn it into actionable results.

Specific Areas of Interest

  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Program Management
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Data Lakes and Warehousing
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

Andy is a leader who can clearly define an achievable strategy and ensure its successful implementation. His leadership built a team at Right Triangle that can easily develop a strategy and architecture, manage platform and tool selection, and deliver solutions. Andy’s very pragmatic approach is at the heart of how Right Triangle delivers successful solutions.

Andrew Flower, Managing Director

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