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Execution Services

Cloud Data

Advantages of Getting to the Cloud

Elasticity to spin up or roll down computing capacity

Flexibility to manage different types of data in structured data warehouses, semi-structured data lakes, or streams

Extensibility to extend the ability to share data securely with trading partners

How Do You Want to Get There?

Whether it’s a “lift and shift” to simply move what you have to cloud, an optimal re-engineering of you data ecosystem that takes advantage of all the cloud has to offer, or something in between — Right Triangle can help define and support your goals.

For those tentative about going to the cloud, we can start with an Innovation Service for Cloud Data Management to help establish the right first step, a target state, and a security plan.

This Innovation Service typically and necessarily includes an exploration of both Data Engineering and Governance. Moving to the cloud opens up new opportunities for integrating and delivering data and applications, and introduces additional capabilities and needs to ensure good governance for confidence and trust in your data.

Ready to take your business to the cloud?