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Execution Services


Data engineering should be focused on agility, automation and continuous integration. This really is where we DO DATA RIGHT to help you deliver the right data for the right purpose at the right time. We excel at providing method, tools, and expertise to increase your data engineering efficiency in data integration, API development and management across all data types and latencies (data at rest or streaming).

Right Triangle can begin with and Innovation Service for Data Engineering to help establish the right first step, a target state, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and tool selection, and the beginning Right Data Engineering Agile Methodology through building a backlog of User Stories. This Innovation Service typically and necessarily is part of an exploration of both Cloud Data Management and Governance.

Right Triangle’s Execution Service for Data Engineering is through our Right Data Engineering Agile Methodology. Our Data Engineering Execution services leverages a backlog of user stories. Tasks typically breakdown into 3 work streams:

  1. Agile, automated data ingestion, integration, data delivery into a data warehouse, data lake, or publish to a stream
  2. Agile automated API and application development for application integration
  3. Agile, automated wrangling and data preparation for business intelligence, analytics, and data science workloads

Need help rethinking your data engineering?