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Julie Heckman

“Because we work with quantifiable data, the expertise we’ve acquired in banking, insurance and healthcare can apply to any company seeking data solutions.”

Julie Heckman has channeled a love for math that began with high school algebra and calculus into a career converting data into opportunities for insurance, healthcare, and financial services clients. With a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from the University of Idaho, and earlier a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education from the University of Missouri, she initially taught high school math. Spurred by an interest in the financial markets, she then joined an equities firm and later became a software developer who used Big Data to help stock traders evaluate their strategies, facilitating millions of stock trades annually.

Julie later worked for agriculture and financial technology startups where she used Big Data, streaming and traditional databases to find, identify, and manage data, making it useful and actionable for peers and leaders. But as she also learned, working at a startup becomes less about discovery — and more about production and implementation — as the company scales and matures.

Ever curious, Julie came to Right Triangle Consulting in 2020 and now has years of experience using proven data engineering expertise to help clients migrate their data to cloud applications. There, the data’s integrity can be maintained or used for hypotheses testing, analysis and reporting.

Julie enjoys working with a variety of client types to help them solve business problems. Often, she works with legacy data that needs to be cultivated for a specific purpose. For example, she and a peer collaborated with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and healthcare technology provider Vantage Technology, using their proprietary software combined with Azure Data Factory and Power BI. Working remotely, they gathered and analyzed data to help a nonprofit more efficiently deploy messaging designed to increase COVID-19 testing and vaccinations among residents in traditionally underserved communities.

Recently, and as more consultants have joined Right Triangle, she’s taken her passion for discovery to a new level by seeking, finding, and testing emerging technologies to see if they’ll meet clients’ needs or complement legacy tools like Snowflake and Informatica. Increasingly, that includes reviewing new cloud-based and server-less solutions like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, and other applications that are leading the future of data warehousing and management.

Typical of Julie’s passion for precision is her zeal for math, budgeting, and recipes used in baking. A voracious reader, she devours thrillers and mysteries. Driven by a natural curiosity for numbers and analysis, Julie is bullish about the future of data management and the emerging technologies that can best serve Right Triangle’s clients.