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Gina Harris

“Data Governance speaks to me. It helps clients know what data they have, where it resides, and how dependable it is. Data Governance also establishes a common business language, reducing the likelihood and impact of interpretive differences in data analysis and reporting.”

Having initially sampled several college majors, Gina Harris has long since found success and stability working in the ever-changing world of technology and specifically, data management. Along with proven expertise in systems and data, she brings entrepreneurial experience in helping organizations establish a solid data foundation to better understand and improve their business.

Gina bemoans the fact that “Data Governance” is such a formal sounding and widely misunderstood term, one whose mention can spark concern or inhibit progress. To her, data governance is all about understanding the data so it can be trusted and used appropriately, according to company policies.

Though that sounds easy enough, it can be a significant challenge considering the volumes of data possessed by her clients. Adding to the complexity is the data’s origins, how or where it’s been stored, its age and much more. No matter the origin, Gina’s role is to lead teams and projects using both established and cutting-edge applications like the Informatica suite — where she holds several certifications — to help clients solve business problems or respond to inquiries.

Once cataloged and tagged with data domains, the data is subject to rules, policies, procedures, and documentation, making it easy to find and to monitor for dependability.

Besides data governance, Gina’s areas of expertise include:

  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Information Integration
  • Data Quality Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gina’s passion for systems and data began at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and minored in math. Her early-career work in extracting and transforming data from project management systems enabled her to perform IT work in China when her husband accepted a two-year assignment there for his employer, a steel fabricator. Returning stateside, the couple later established their own fabrication business.

Gina took a few years off from technology, staying home to raise her children. She later returned and has remained a consultant, reconnecting with Right Triangle founder Andy Flower. Gina was early on the team that designed and built the first data warehouse for one of the region’s largest healthcare insurance providers. She has since successfully completed many projects involving membership, claims, marketing and its requisite reporting, analytics, and documentation. She has extensive experience with Medicare Advantage and data resulting from the Affordable Care Act.

Gina’s personal life revolves around her tight-knit family. Gina volunteers at Woods Chapel church. She is passionate about rural Nicaragua, co-leading a ministry with a friend from church, in partnership with Rainbow Network. This ministry provides food, improved education, medical support, and economic opportunity to communities in rural Nicaragua.